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Infrastructure Solutions

IT infrastructure is the backbone of healthy business operations. We provide expertise in establishing, operating and maintaining IT infrastructure and Business Parks across sectors and industries like IT / ITES, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, KPO to name a few.

Network Structured Cabling

Network cabling installation services are available for commercial, educational and industrial clients. Our team of experts undertake end to end network deployment (from the design and installation of a completely new network to simply extending an existing network), maintenance and support. Our ability to conduct detailed site surveys and provide cost effective yet reliable solutions differentiates us from others. We also provide detailed quality documents for internal troubleshooting.

Facility Management Services

In today’s fast paced business, IT facilities need to be up and running round the clock. We take over the responsibility of ensuring availability and performance of your IT infrastructure while you focus on your core business. These include IT Helpdesk, Data Centre Operations and End user support. We understand that different businesses have different needs. Hence we customize our offerings to meet your needs.


IT infrastructure is the backbone of healthy business operations

CCTV Securities Solutions

Today, more than ever, businesses need individualized CCTV security solutions for their specific needs that also fit within their budget.

For this reason we offer 20 variations of DVRs & NVRs which fit every budget and have the performance level needed in today’s marketplace.

Our DVR & NVR models are designed with your needs in mind. Each one is user-friendly, fully functional and completely serviceable (80% of service/updates are achieved remotely at no extra charge to our clients).

Fiber Blowing Job

At Berry It, you'll get outstanding workmanship on every project. From our state-of-the-art equipment for fiber blowing to our reliable trenching service, you'll get outstanding service no matter what service we provide to you.

Fiber blowing is one of the options you have. This air-blown fiber method allows for the installation of fiber optic cables. This method uses the flow of compressed air ease the fiber through the material until it reaches its destination.

In fiber blowing projects, a set of rollers or caterpillar drive feed the fiber into the micro-duct. This process offers numerous benefits during the project, including the fact that allows the network of cables to be installed quickly. This method also allows for the network to grow and change quickly.